Want to Know Your Birthstone?

The popularity of birthstones dates back to ancient times. Civilizations thought that gemstones had incredible powers such as prosperity, health and luck. Birthstones today are not always the same as used in ancient times. In those days the colour was the most important feature of a gemstone since they did not distinguish between stones like we do today. For example, they did not differentiate between a ruby and a garnet.  One origin of birthstones is thought to date back to the breastplate of Aaron described in the book of Exodus which contained 12 gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel and linked to the 12 months of the year. The influence of the 12 zodiac signs was recognized early on with key gemstones becoming associated with their respective planetary influences. The practice became to keep 12 stones and wear one per month. The powers attributed to each stone are thought to increase in its month.  In 1912 the Jewelers of America developed a standardized list of birthstones. It has become popular to give loved ones birthstone jewelry for their delicate beauty and the personal significance.

JANUARY is the month for GARNETS - Garnets symbolize friendship and trust.

FEBRUARY for AMETHYST, which can protect, promote happiness and spiritual awareness.

MARCH is AQUAMARINE and BLOODSTONE - Aquamarine is the courage stone and helps to establish good marriages while Bloodstone has long been symbolized with youth, health and hope.

APRIL is the month for DIAMOND - This stone has healing powers and inspires love and clarity in your relationships. Different colours can have unique properties.

MAY is for EMERALDS. This gemstone is said to represent abundance, balance, intelligence, rebirth and maturity. It also helps to foretell the future and strengthen one's memory.

JUNE is for PEARLS, ALEXANDRITE, and MOONSTONE - Pearls have been known for their healing properties for years particularly in traditional Asian medical systems. They are said to give the wearer a sense of calmness and centeredness promoting the ultimate feminine energy. Alexandrite is considered a stone of regeneration helping one to get better after surgery or a long illness and also regenerating the skin and purifying the blood. This stone is considered the guardian gemstone.Moonstone has a connection with the energy from the moon and the feminine aspect of emotional nature increasing intuition and promoting calm and balance.

JULY is the month for the RUBY - Rubies are believed to help decision making, and family matters. This gem is also thought to provide self-confidence, negotiation abilities and self esteem. By wearing this gemstone it is also to promote good energy for the blood flow and the heart.

AUGUST has the gemstones PERIDOT, SARDONYX, and SPINEL - Peridot is considered a powerful amulet against evil.Sardonyx can be traced back over four thousand to ancient Egypt and boosts self-control and motivation making it an aid to study. Spinel induces will, hope and purpose and encourages the wearer to overcome all obstacles.

SEPTEMBER is the month of SAPPHIRES - This gemstone represents loyalty and trust. It protects those close to you from harm.

OCTOBER has the OPAL and TOURMALINE - Opal is the gem of god, love, faith and creativity. It works on the energy of promoting feelings of benevolence and friendship. Tourmaline in the rose colour attracts love and friendship, happiness and enthusiasm for life. It also activates creativity and fertility.

NOVEMBER has the gemstones TOPAZ and CITRINE -Topaz it thought to provide strength and intelligence promoting mental clarity and wisdom. It has magnetic energy. Citrine has the energy for prosperity and inner security. It symbolizes the light of the rising sun and best is used at the beginning of a cycle, project or phase.

DECEMBER is known for the birthstones TANZANITE, ZIRCON and TURQUOISE. Tanzanite is a gem of positivity and energy. It is said to help ground those who wear it and that you will become aware of your true calling. Zircon is the oldest mineral found on earth. It is called the stone of virtue and packed with positive energy and power. It can  aid in balancing virtuous aspects within you andTurquoise improves meditation, circulation, condition and spirit. It is said to act directly with the skin cells, softening and rejuvenating them.