The Wedding Anniversary List

Traditionally many civilizations have given special wedding anniversary gifts to their loved ones. While there is no single source Emily Post in 1922 published an etiquette book listing some time honoured gemstones for anniversary presents. In 1957 the modern anniversary gift list was written. Alternatives have been added with the passage of time to make the list as individualistic and special as your marriage. If you need wedding anniversary gift ideas this list can help you find the perfect gemstone to express your love and commitment. A gift of gems and jewelry makes an extraordinary and unforgettable present.

The 1ST ANNIVERSARY traditionally is a gift of gold jewelry but new alternatives are peridot and pearls.

2ND ANNIVERSARY is traditionally garnet but an alternative is rose quartz.

3RD ANNIVERSARY gifts are traditionally pearls however a new option is Jade.

4TH ANNIVERSARY has traditionally been blue topaz but blue zircon may be preferred.

The 5TH ANNIVERSARY is a sapphire but alternatively a pink tourmaline is given.

6TH ANNIVERSARY gemstone is the amethyst but this now includes turquoise.

7TH ANNIVERSARY is traditionally onyx or alternatively a golden beryl or yellow sapphire.

8TH ANNIVERSARY is a tourmaline or perhaps a tanzanite.

9TH ANNIVERSARY is lapis lazuli but other suggestions are amethyst or green spinel 

The 10TH ANNIVERSARY is traditionally sparkling diamond jewelry however this may be the time to give a sapphire to symbolize the many shared experiences that make your marriage beautiful and lasting.

11TH ANNIVERSARY brings turquoise or alternatively citrine or yellow zircon

12TH ANNIVERSARY gemstone is jade or lately opal is given.

13TH ANNIVERSARY is traditionally citrine and the alternatives are moonstone and hawk's eye.

 14TH ANNIVERSARY is Opal but other choices are agate and bloodstone.

The 15TH ANNIVERSARY gemstone is a ruby with alternative suggestions of rhodolite garnet or alexandrite.

16TH ANNIVERSARY is traditionally peridot with new options of red spinel and aquamarine

17TH  ANNIVERSARY is a watch but a more modern option is carnelian 

18TH ANNIVERSARY is a cat's eye chrysoberyl or alternatively an aquamarine or opal

19TH ANNIVERSARY gemstone is an aquamarine or alternatively an almandine garnet or topaz

The 20TH ANNIVERSARY is traditionally an emerald which symbolizes mature love and the concept of eternity. Emeralds have a rich history which spans over four thousand years from Babylon. Yellow or golden diamonds are also a perfect jewelry gift for your loved one on this milestone anniversary.

21ST ANNIVERSARY gifts are iolite jewelry.

22ND ANNIVERSARY year is a spectacular spinel.

23RD ANNIVERSARY the imperial topaz is traditionally given with the alternative sapphire.

24TH ANNIVERSARY includes a tanzanite bejewelled piece.

The 25TH ANNIVERSARY is known as the Silver Jubilee and big congratulations are in order. This anniversary is silver, silver and more silver from family and friends. Other alternatives to give your loved one are tsavorite garnet which is a remarkable shade of green.

The 30th ANNIVERSARY is traditionally for cultured pearls or other options are diamonds or jade.  

The 40TH ANNIVERSARY is known for a ruby gemstone. Rubies have been known as the "king of precious stones." They are said to inspire passion, devotion, prosperity and personal protection from all perils

The 45TH ANNIVERSARY is a sapphire or alternatively a cat's eye.

The 50TH ANNIVERSARY is the Golden Jubilee where golden south sea pearls or golden topaz are popular.

The 55TH ANNIVERSARY is the gemstone alexandrite which has colour changing properties.

The 60TH ANNIVERSARY is the Diamond Jubilee. This is a major anniversary celebration. Traditionally diamonds or a ruby are given but whatever gemstone has significance for your marriage and symbolizes your life together is appropriate. Select the perfect gem to celebrate.