TANARA – An Elop in the Brazilian Jungle!

To celebrate 11 years of marriage between Monique and Erik we completed a research and found some pieces  from the beginning of 1900 which were possible to adapt to the wedding bands they already have today which is very important to them as it has a whole 10 year history attached along with a piece that matches a lot with

their personality and we are happy because the Catia Reis brand will be part of Monique and Erik’s life, check their amazing video out and see this unique vintage wedding band they’ve chosen. 

Wondering how we customize your gorgeous fine jewellery personalized for you?

Our Fine Jewellery specialist Catia Reis will listen to your vision and discover the elements in a piece that best suit you. Your jewellery is meant to be a reflection of your personality, uniqueness and style. With her expertise and experience, she will search for the perfect stone, metal and design to suit your desire and budget, being sure to do extensive research and giving you the most suitable jewellery options. Once you’ve selected your gemstone and the deposit is paid then the fun part begins. 

We will start creating your piece from scratch, guided by your ideas while being in close contact with you, where you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback until we get it right. Once the final design is approved, Catia and her team get to work on bringing your dream jewellery piece to life, ensuring a secure setting to showcase your gemstone beautifully. Once your fine jewellery is ready, you’ll come in for the final presentation and payment.

The process happens on-site so you never have to worry about shipping delays, inventory shortages or mix-ups.

Here at Catia Reis Jewels, our mission is to bring your dream jewellery to life and we are happy to be a part of your special moments.



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